Dr. Catharine Toso

Adult Counseling

About Dr. Catharine Toso

Catharine Toso understands that life can have a way of throwing curve balls. Instances occur that may be unexpected, and those involved may be faced with handling new issues. Everyone is different but psychology often plays a role in how each person overcomes life’s challenges. For adults, in particular, anxiety and depression may arise as a hurdle that many struggle to jump over. Grieving the loss of a loved one can also be a link to similar feelings. Rising above these circumstances may become a greater challenge if the person at hand is encountering the lack of a support system in their own life. Psychotherapist Catharine Toso specializes in helping adults who find themselves in these predicaments. She completes her work via her private practice located in the Greater Philadelphia area.

As a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) with a doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Catharine Toso knows how to inspire progress in adults who struggle with anxiety, grief, and depression. She ignites new possibilities and insights through her method of fostering a safe and collaborative relationship with her clients. The road to recovery includes adapting ways to cope with emotions that are difficult to handle. Catharine Toso’s work includes teaming up with clients to develop healthy ways of coping. This strategy positively affects behavior in that it incites changes from inherently inappropriate adjustment tendencies.

Providing assistance during these critical moments can be very rewarding. At times, Catharine Toso encounters patients she has helped while out in the community. During one instance, someone actually approached her and made it known that she was instrumental in getting that person to a better place emotionally. Situations such as these remind Dr. Toso that her efforts truly make a difference.

Happy clients have been gracious enough to submit testimonials of their positive experiences with Catharine Toso. Some of the biggest trends that appear throughout these comments are notes about her caring and compassionate nature. Patients believe she is very knowledgeable and good at creating an atmosphere where they feel comfortable sharing their deepest feelings. Catharine Toso’s solutions are valuable, thus leading to ongoing recommendations from past and present clients.

Dr. Toso’s qualifications include a B.A. in Social Work for Rosemount College, an M.S. in Psychological Services in Education, an M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work, and a D.S.W. in Clinical Social Work all from the University of Pennsylvania.